Myths about intimate hygiene

For the longest time, anything about the women’s intimate area has been spoken about in hushed tones, which has led to a rise in so many myths. It’s time to debunk six of such myths today!

This lack of awareness has led to a rise in misinformation and myths around the vagina. While some of them are harmless, some myths force you to believe that your lady bits need to look and feel a certain way. This can really rob your peace of mind, and can affect you psychologically. So, it is important not to get trapped in these myths, and have more conversations. 

Without further ado, let’s debunk the myths! 


Vulva odour is usually a result of improper cleaning

Fact – Contrary to the popular belief, vulva odour is usually a result of pH imbalance and infection, etc. can cause odour


You should wash your intimate skin with soap, shampoo and showergels

Fact – Using certain soaps or body washes on intimate area may cause pH imbalance, altering the vulvovaginal environment, meaning that bacteria or fungal organisms can overgrow.

Myth #3 

You can cure intimate hygiene problems with home remedies.

Fact – The first thing most women do when suffering from intimate skin problems is they try out different kinds of home remedies which might do more harm than good as your intimate skin has different pH level than other body parts and needs special care.

Myth #4

You don’t need to cleanse the vulva

Fact – The vagina (innerpart) is selfcleaning but your vulva (outerpart) is not. Sweat, dirt and oil can build up on the vulva just as it does anywhere else on the body. That means this skin needs to be cleaned just as often as you would clean the skin of the body.

Myth #5

Itching and irritation in the intimate area is temporary and I don’t have to worry about it.

Fact – Though symptoms like itching, burning, irritation, dryness, abnormal-coloured discharge or unpleasant odour are temporary for most females, consult your doctor for any of these symptoms if they recur or persist for a long time.


Women should shave the intimate area regularly.

Fact – Though it is a good practice to trim the pubic hair short, there is no need to shave the intimate area regularly

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