Intimate hygiene tips

Let’s talk about something that we should talk about but don’t talk about because we feel we shouldn’t talk about but actually we need to talk about. Now that you have recovered from that mind-twisting statement, Let’s come straight to the point. Intimate hygiene is something we don’t address quite openly and regularly and as a result, we ignore one of the most important factors of a healthy body. Believe it or not, ignoring intimate hygiene can lead to health problems, discomfort & infections. But, because you are a part of the femfresh family, we care about you, and we have some tips for you on intimate hygiene.

Tip 1 Wear 100% cotton

Tip 2 Sleep in minimal and comfortable clothing to get airflow

Tip 3 Change out of yoga pants

Tip 4 Wash from front to back

Tip 5 Urinate after intercourse

Tip 6 Eat and drink right

Tip 7 Limit use of thong

Tip 8 Avoid using soapbars, shampoos or showerg gels to clean intimate area

Tip 9 Carry feminine hygiene wipes while using restrooms

Tip 10 Use intimate hygiene wash during every sanitary napkin change

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