Because our lady parts are tucked away, a taboo subject, or even difficult to talk - things about them can often be confusing & embarrassing. Our mission is to educate women through facts, ‘real’ conversations, and clean, effective care.

Take a quick 1-minute quiz to put your knowledge to test and find out how much you know about your lady bits. Score above 80%, first 100 winners win you got a gift vouchers worth AED 50 each.

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Many people often mistake this external area for the vagina?

Toilet papers are accessible, but they are not…

When does your intimate area undergo pH imbalance?

To tackle intimate skin bad odour, you can use perfumed soapbars or body perfume?

Select the wrong tip….

Which doctor do you visit when you have an intimate skin problem?

Doctors do not recommend women use home remedies on intimate skin because

What is the ideal pH-balance of your intimate area?

If you were to use a feminine hygiene product, where would you apply it?


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